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Nic Vanlangendonck

Snider Transmission of League City did a fantastic job of taking care of my vehicle in a professional and timely manner. I was very impressed with the service I received. Andy did a fantastic job of working with me and recording all issues and details I had with my transmission. Thank you so much for the expedited service.

Ben Davis

Thank you for all your help and going above and beyond to help me fix my car.

Robert Sennholtz

I was very pleased with the work done at Snider Transmission in League City. Dropped the truck off in the morning and it was completed the same day.

Will Trbula

Snider Transmission of League City has treated me right and helped me with the issue of my transmission. I dont have anything bad to say about Snider Transmission.

Steve Hatcher

Snider Transmission helped out when times were tough. They gave me the opportunity to make payments. They were very helpful in getting my truck turned around quick and provided a quality product. I would recommend them to anyone!

Marilyn Moon

Snider Transmission went above and beyond to repair my car even though the warranty had expired. Service was good.

Charlotte Johnson

Snider Transmission fixed my transmission. Andy was very helpful and they got me a rental car so I would have a car to get to work.

Fred Niccum

Snider Transmission handled out transmission repair in a very professional and courteous manner. We have always used Snider Transmission when transmission repairs were needed. Thank you Andy for your service!

Patrick Dawson

Customer service was excellent and service was done in a timely manner.

Colin Henry

I wanted to thank everyone at Snider Transmission for all the work and professionalism. Andy was awesome, he called me almost everyday with a follow up phone call to keep me up to date on my repair. The shop fixed my trans in a couple of days, not weeks, and the work was top notch. Not only did they do a great job they helped me on the financial side of things as well. I couldn't be happier with the tactical aspect of the experience. Thank You all!

John Tanner

Mr. Snider, Thanks for the friendly professional service of your staff when I needed a transmission repair. It shows that your people are really dedicated to customer service. I really appreciate the extra care taken to make sure that my vehicle was 100% ready to go following the repair. It also shows your dedication to quality. Finally, thanks a million for working with me on my rental car arrangements. You can bet that Snider Transmission will be at the top of my list the next time I need transmission work.

Jim Christian

Broken cars are not fun. Especially when you breakdown unexpectedly. Snider Transmission offered free towing, and gave a very detailed review of the problem. The estimate was met and work completed on time. I highly recommend these service orientated folks.

Barney Gary

I brought in my vehicle and received prompt service on a major job. Kept me informed as the repair was done. Service was good and timely.

Jose Castillo

Excellent service and excellent estimates of what could be wrong. Very good repair service.

Ron Sears

After my Windstar's transmission failed during the Hurricane Rita evacuation traffic jam, Snider transmission arranged for my van to be brought back from Spring Texas and worked it into their schedule. I was one of the fortunate people to have parts and got my van back in a fast turnaround.

Dustin Via

Very professional mechanics. They showed and explained in detail what the problem with my tranny was. If I have another transmission problem I will definitely be back. Service was great.

Tracey Garcia

I was recommended to Snider Transmission in League City by the Honda Dealership to fix my transmission. The Service was great and time efficient. Snider's did their best to get me the lowest pricing available on my budget.

Jon Butcher

Dear Matt,
For many years, you have been taking care of all our vehicles. This includes my old Ford Explorer that you saved from the scrap heap several times, my daughter's hondas, which you kept running for years, and our newer vehicles. So a letter expressing out thanks is the least that we can do.
You have kept our vehicles running for years, and you have saved us thousands of dollars by keeping the repair costs low. and it has not always been transmission problems. You replaced a Honda radiator for almost nothingeven though someone else ruined it, you have fixed onboard computers at least twice even though you could have told us to go somewhere else. You have been an amazing problem solver, and a miracleworker, and you have impressed us many times with your compassion.
Over and over again, you have given us consistently superior and dependable service, and that is very important to a mom and dad with daughters driving back and forth between home and college. So you have also given us peace of mind. In Fact, we do not trust anyone else. We even had a car towed from College Station to League City so you could repair it. That's how much we depend on you.
No "Thank You" letter would be complete without complimenting Andy. He has been veryhelpful and a pleasure to work with. It is very important to have someone that we know we can depend on, and who will take the time to listen to us. He is a good problem solver, and because of his professional demeanor, he is your best public-relations person because people will keep comig back if they know they can talk to and depend on the person who answers the phone, greets them at the door, and oversees the repair of their vehicles.
Thank You again for the many years of really excellent service.

Amy L. Gutierrez

Snider Transmission took care of my sons car promptly. They were very informative and courteous.

Lisa Fannin

I had my 2004 Jaguar transmission go out. Snider was good enough to come get my car at no charge and did a great job replacing my transmission.

Paul Fields

Snider Transmission in League City ROCKS!!! Good service, polite and fast.

Rosa Perkins

I was very pleased with the service. They took the time to discuss the problem, clear and understanding. This was a referral from a friend.
Thank you for your help.

Bill D. Sears

I had my transmission rebuilt July 4, 2008 on my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I have owned this jeep for about two years. The transmission that Snider rebuilt is better than new. I have never seen this jeep run with this much power. And its so quick now when pulling out from stop signs and in traffic.
Thanks so much.

Allison Thomas

Courteous when talked to, seemed knowledgeable about our work, gives good description on job, no pushing into work and delivered what they say.

Jerry Buckner

Great Service, knowledgeable, always nice. Thanks a lot.

Douglas Woolsey

I like Snider Transmission because they have been here forever and I know that if there are any problems they will still be here to honor all warranties.

Shane Lobaugh

Extremely friendly workers and great service. I would recommend Snider Transmission to everyone.

Juan Rios

When my 98 Chevy Z71's transmission went out I thought that was it for my truck. But when I brought it to Snider Transmission they fixed it and did an outstanding job. Now it runs smoother than before and I can use it to tow without any worries. Now my 1997 Chevy work van was repaired here too. Thanks Snider.

Vincent Gordon

I'm very pleased with the service.
Thank you.

Mrs. D Flores

Snider Transmission of League City took good care of me, thanks.

Scott Gustke

Snider followed through with our expectations of what a transmission shop should be. While service took a little longer than expected, Snider once again went above and beyond and in the end made it right.

Victor Medina

They saw me fast and made sure I had a rental car waiting. Andy at the desk was very helpful.

Don and Jennifer Reny

Thanks so much for all your hard work. Y'all did a great job on our car (BMW), you were less than the dealer and had our car back to us quickly. We'll definitely recommend Snider Transmission to our friends. In addition, your kindness goes a long way.

Randy Moore

Appeared to be a difficult repair. Communication on the progress was good.

Janet Chitin

The service was courteous, prompt and professional. I recommend Snider Transmission.

Matt Richards

Mr Snider,
Thank you for the great service. Your Staff kept me informed on the progress of my repair and got my truck back on the road in a timely manner.

W. Grant Sinn

The first day of doing business with Snider Transmission was a pleasant surprise. My car was dropped off late in the afternoon and I was given a ride to Enterprise. As time approached 5:00 pm Andy called me to let me know they were not able to look at the car but would call the next day around 10:00am. Frankly, I was shocked because most shops YOU have to call to get an update.
9:50am my cell phone rings. It's Andy with the diagnosis, right on time as promised. Customer service has been phenomenal throughout the whole repair. With service like that you'll be in business another 80 years. Keep up the tremendous work!

Kitano Anderson

I was referred to Snider Transmission by a family friend who sang at one of the Snider's weddings years ago. I have had nothing but a wonderful experience dealing with these guys and they did wonderful work on my car.

John Switzer

I had problems with my transmission so I called a friend that I trusted and he recommended Snider Transmission in League City. I was aware of where the shop was but knew nothing more. When I arrived I talked to Andy who assured me they would take a look at the car for "free". A couple days later I got a call and it was more bad news the car needed further diagnostics that would cost more money. Matt assured me this would be necessary in order to find out what was going on. I was deeply concerned but went with it. We talked about replacing the transmission with a rebuilt one and also other options that I could take. Matt did not try to sell me a rebuilt as he felt it would not add any value to the car or give me a better transmission. The price for a Honda transmission was being quoted at $3,500 and the repair would be $2500. Matt assured me he would put in writing everything that was done in servicing the cars transmission and he did just that.
A few days later I picked up the car and took it on the ultimate test in my mind. I first drove the car to my work and then latter to Dallas. I had no problems the car works fine. There are no more lights coming on the dash and I have a 12 month warranty. Based on all of this I would recommend Snider. It was family owned, they specialize in Honda's and Toyota's and they offer you a rental if you need it. They serviced only what I needed and did not try to sell me more than what I needed to get the car back on the road.

Rhonda Parish

Thank you very much for your help when I had transmission trouble with my truck. I was worried that, as a female, I would be taken advantage of, but was very pleased to find that I had received a great deal, honesty, and a payment plan. Thank you again! Word of mouth does wonders and I praise you to everyone.

Rhonda Parish

Thank you very much for your help when I had transmission trouble with my truck. I was worried that, as a female, I would be taken advantage of, but was very pleased to find that I had received a great deal, honesty, and a payment plan. Thank you again! Word of mouth does wonders and I praise you to everyone.

Sheila R. Sinclair, Jason L. Minter, and Trystan Mose Minter

Dear Mr. Snider:
I would like to thank your family for making my life a little easier. About two years ago, our transmission went out on our Ford Taurus six weeks before I was to give birth to my son. We didn't have the money right away to pay for the transmission job, but you were kind enough to work out a payment plan. At the time, I was the only one who could drive the other vehicle we had available, and, of course, I was having a few problems driving myself. Towards the end of our payment, you gave excellent service and attention to our needs.
My family has been doing business with your family for three generations. It started with my grandfather when your father had the business, then my mother, then me. It's nice to know that even though the company has switched hands, you are still the same company that I have known and loved throughout my childhood. You have grown well as a company, and I plan to make sure my son goes to your establishment when he has transmission problems, hopefully not too soon!!!

John Butcher

Last year, I brought my '93 Ford Explorer to you. This is the same Explorer that you rescued from certain death by overhauling the transmission and saving us hundreds of dollars. (Before you convinced us to let you overhaul the transmission, we were going to let a nearby auto repair shop install a new Ford transmission, which would have cost us $800 more than the overhaul.)
There was a noise in the front end that I could not identify. It seemed to move from one side to the other, and it would come and go. I took it to a car repair shop near our home in Webster that we have been using for years. They put the car on a rack and tested it. Their conclusion was that the transmission's torque converter was going bad. You suggested that I not go back to the first auto repair shop, which completely misdiagnosed the problem, but instead, take it to Auto Check. I followed your advice, and they agreed with your diagnosis and replaced the bearings at a good price.
If you were out to "gouge" your customers, you would have sold us a new torque converter, but you didn't do that. Instead, you diagnosed the problem correctly and did not charge me for the time you spent making the diagnosis; and you sent me to a better repair shop. So thank you, for once again proving that you have the best interests of your customers at heart. As a result, we continue to confidently recommend you to our relatives, friends, and business associates.

Wendy Moser

Dear Matt,
Thank you so much for your friendly and fast service. I called and spoke to you on the phone before I decided on bring my car to your facility. It was your friendliness that made my decision. I will recommend you to all of my friends.

Dave Sibley

Really enjoyed the service at Snider. Matt and Andy were super. Couldn't have asked for better service.

Lynn Bouit

My Name is Lynn Bouit and I have just tried Snider Transmission for the first time. What a difference! They were faster, smoother, happier and so much easier to work with than the other two places I have taken my Dodge Caravan, so that I will cheerfully be a witness to any new customer. The price was right too.

The Hammond Girls

The service from front desk customer service department, to the skilled mechanics on staff were all courteous, honest and highly professional. We came to Snider after everyone we asked advise from recommended them.

Sammie Moonz

Snider Transmissions has taken care of my fleet car admirable. A defective part necessitated more work, through nobody's fault, and the work was redone at cost or less. Not everyone would go that extra step, and it will make me return in the future.

Thanks Snider

Had a need for Transmission help so we chose a company that has been around for a long time. That is usually a pretty good sign that things are done right. The service guys were courteous and made sure what was going to be done was explained. It doesn't make paying for it any easier but knowing what you are getting for your buck is always helpful.

Thomas Troy Mikacenka

I am thankful for the excellent service, and help I received from Snider Transmission on F.M. 518, for my transmission service and repair.

Glen Howard

Thank you Snider Transmission you did it in a very timely manner. It took two days to do the work just as you promised.

Sara Farris

I drove in to Snider Transmission yesterday – barely making into driveway. I was a little concerned with not having a car. They let me know within a couple of hours that they had looked at it and had a good idea what the problem was. I later talked to a friend who also uses Snider and thinks they are great. My car was ready to go within about twenty hours. Andy communicated everything with me as well as my husband. Hopefully we will not be back anytime soon, but if we need to come back we certainly will.

Jake Scales

I have used Snider Transmission for several different jobs. I have always been really satisfied with their service and workmanship. I believe they are the best in the area.

Keith Roberts

I was referred to Snider Transmission by a friend who said they would do a good job at a good price. Snider did just that. They fixed my vehicle and saved me some money. They also provided a vehicle to drive while mine was being worked on. I would come back to Snider in the future.

Robert Buchanon

I have had great service with Snider Transmission – they have worked on three of my vehicles with no problem.

Mr. & Mrs. Moore

This was our first time at Snider Transmission – my husband had heard good things about this company so we decided to try their service. The employees were very professional and we were provided a rental car, which saved us a lot of money and hassle. We would highly recommend their company to anyone needing to have their transmission re-done.

David E. Johnson

Fast, friendly, courteous and convenient process throughout. Will recommend to friends and family.

Kevin Ladewig

Snider Transmission took care of repairing my transmission. The service was quick and convenient for me.

Jason Morgan

Snider Transmission handled the work on my truck in a professional and courteous manner. I checked there BB account prior to dropping my truck off and they scored high marks. They did no work until authorized by me and finished in a timely manner. I would recommend Snider to family and friends.

William R. West

I just wanted to thank Andy and his crew at your League City shop for the outstanding work they did on my 99 Durango. They were able to repair everything I tore up in my transmission and overdrive unit for half the price quoted by Cottman Transmission. I will tell everyone I know of your fast and quality service. Thank you very much!

John Henry

The only shop I trust to take my cars to is Snider Transmission in League City. Work is fast and friendly. They fixed my Chevy Suburban within 2 days, and did a great job!!!

Bill Tyler

You guys were a great help to my daughter while I was out of town. Friendly and quick service to her 2001 Honda Civic to get her back on the road.

Theresa Graham

Great Service, Friendly Personnel. They had my 99 Ford Crown Vic ready when they said they would.

Barbie Melillo

Service was excellent in League City. They worked with me to accommodate all my car repair needs, working on my 05 Volkswagen Beetle.

Stacey Engelhardt

Service on my 2000 Honda Accord was completed when promised. THANK YOU!!!

Luzmaria Guerra

Service was quick and good. People working there are very nice. My 92 Oldsmobile Cutlass runs great. I will bring my car back to the League City store again.

Ernest Cortez

First time transmission service with my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I found Snider Transmission in League City to be fast and Honest, they made sure they did the job right and the price was fair. They kept me updated on the progress and delivered when promised.

Ellis Tipton

Quick, Honest and very reliable. Have been doing business with Snider Transmission for 3 years. Very pleased with the quality and professional service on my 1999 Cadillac Escalade. I recommend the League City store to everyone.

Luke Thomas

Snider's did fast quality work on my 2000 Ford F250. Service was great.

Jeremy Morse

Snider Transmission in League City is a place where you feel that is too good to be true, but it is true. They go above and beyond to keep you and your families lives moving forward. Just an outstanding place with infinite patience. A+ and 4 Stars.

Patricia Willis

Our family has been doing business with Snider Transmission for over 25 years. My Dad, Billy Adams, would use no one other than Greg Snider in there Texas City Store. We trust Snider Transmission with all of our cars to repair or just to service a working transmission. Per Family wishes Snider Transmission much continued success in their business. Thanks!!!

Paul Lewis

Very well pleased on the service and communication. We Appreciate the free towing service and detailed explanation.

Kelly Kennedy

My car unexpectedly broke down in the middle of nowhere on I-10, and the whole experience was stressful!! After towing it home and taking it to Snider, the stress has all but gone away. NO ONE likes to hear their transmission has gone out...but the people at Snider Transmission in League City have been professional, efficient and upbeat. I hope to never return...but I highly recommend them!!

Teresa Provis

Snider Transmission has been recommended by many people at work for the last 2 months. I finally was able to bring my car to them on March 17th 2008 and Andy was extremely nice and pleasant. They were able to get me a rental car within 20 minutes and the estimate within 24 hours. The car was completed within 24 hours also. I appreciate the promptness and the good work. Also the work done was what I had planned for and was reasonable.

Trish Mason

I am pleased with Snider Transmission due to excellent communication flow.

Jose Cueva

Snider Transmission of League City has fast and friendly service!!! Excellent price and I would recommend to anyone.

Christian O'Neil

I was in a pinch. Broke down in Clear Lake on a Saturday. Snider Transmission of League City provided the tow truck, expedited the repair and was always responsive when I called. Thanks for the good service.

Raena Roberds

I was very pleased with the service at Snider Transmission Of League City. Andy was very helpful with all of our questions. Would refer anyone to them.

Scott Palmer

Very satisfied with fast and friendly service.

Russell Herman

Extremely fast service. Dropped my truck off late one evening, next day they said what was wrong and then the next day my truck was ready to go. Extremely great service. Had another vehicle in 1998 and it lasted another 10 years before the vehicle was retired due to other problems other than transmission.

Danielle Arnett

We have unfortunately had to purchase three transmissions for three different cars in the last 8 months. Snider Transmission does the job in a very timely fashion and backs their work. We are VERY satisfied customers and will continue to use and recommend them.

Dolan Dunn

Service was fast, efficient and courteous.

Mark Kuehlman

I very much appreciated the close communication while my car was serviced.

Dave Schoen

Snider's provided very good service. Picked up the car and me at no extra charge. Fast, friendly, kept me informed.

Francis Cevallos

Thanks Snider Transmission for all your help with my problems. I am glad I called you.

Myra Stephenson

Snider Transmission, Matt and Andy were a lot of help. Nice service and fixed my car in a timely manner.

Laurie Mobley

My daughter is away at College at Texas A&M in Galveston. When her car broke down it was great to know that Snider Transmission was able to tow her car in and diagnose the problem without any hesitation. The timely manner in which her car was repaired was a great comfort and ease of mind.

Mike Echerd

Snider took good care of us. Provided a rent car and everything went smoothly. This is the 2nd car they have repaired for us.

Stephanie Taylor

My experience with Snider Transmission of League City was good. I will tell my friends and family.

Robert Burns

Thank you for providing a pain free resolution. Your employees were the utmost professional at all times.